Lectures and Speeches


Charge to the Graduates

(Agnes Scott 2005)

Women of the class of 2005, as you no longer have to sign up for Physics, French, or Field Hockey, I offer this charge to you, Sign up for FRIENDSHIP, for it is women who have seen to our survival on this planet. Sign up for FAMILY both born and created, lost and found, dysfunctional and crucial. Sign up for FAITH TO WORK MIRACLES, for FLYING IN THE FACE OF TRADITION, for FESTIVE OCCASIONS and FAVORITE FOODS. Sign up for HARD WORK AND FREE TIME and FREE THOUGHT and FREE WILL. For FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION and EXPLORATION AND ECSTASY. Sign up for A HAND MADE LIFE, for HOLDING HANDS, young and old. Sign up for CHALLENGES MET, RESPONSIBILITIES HONORED and HERITAGE PASSED ALONG. Sign up for UNEXPECTED TRIUMPHS, MYSTERIES EXPLAINED, BIRTHS AND DEATHS, MUSIC IN THE MORNINGS, and AFTERNOONS WHERE NOTHING HAPPENS AT ALL. SIGN UP FOR LONG CONVERSATIONS WITH PEOPLE WHO LISTEN, and LONG WALKS LISTENING TO SILENCE. Sign up for PEACE IN OUR WORLD and COMPASSION IN OUR HEARTS. Sign up for WOMEN PRESIDENTS and the PRESENCE OF WOMEN IN THE WORLD. New Graduates of Agnes Scott, I wish you Godspeed and good fortune in your new course of study, YOUR NEW LIFE. May you love what it has in store for you.